Appreciating the world, one flower at a time…

Below are Wedding Flowers that we preserved for a newlywed couple. Our first commission work that we are very proud of and turned out so wonderful. The "bride" had seen our web site and noticed we were "neighbors" (50miles away). She called us on a Monday and said that they had just been married the past weekend and asked if it would be possible to preserve their wedding flowers into frames like they saw on our site. We were nervous but flattered to be asked to create such a precious preserved memory for them. We are very proud to share with you below our 4 framed results.

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By the smile on her face, we feel that she was/is pleased with the preserved wedding flower frame(s)

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This frame is a combination of all the left over flowers from tables & service collected into a landscape frame for the brides mother.

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This is the groom's boutonnière flowers pressed & preserved into an everlasting 5x7 vacuum sealed frame.

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This is the bride's-maid bouquet flowers pressed & preserved into an everlasting frame.

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This is the bride's bouquet flowers pressed & preserved into an everlasting frame.

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